Books and Reading Activities for You and Your Child


Reading is an important process in developing a child’s social and cognitive skills. Studies show that through reading, children can acquire language, learning, and listening skills, as well as increase their overall educational level. Parents can promote this development in their children by having books in the house, reading out-loud to them, establishing regular reading habits, and so forth. Use the list below to find reading tips for parents, free or low-cost books, and age-appropriate reading-related activities for your child.


Tips for Parents

A Parent’s Guide to Reading Levels

Reading Tips: Reading with Your Infant

Reading Tips: Reading with Your Young Toddler (ages 1-2)

Reading Tips: Reading with Your Older Toddler (ages 2-3)

Reading Tips: Parents of Preschoolers

Reading Tips: Parents of Kindergarteners

Reading Tips: Parents of First Graders

Reading Tips: Parents of Second Graders

Reading Tips: Parents of Third Graders


Non-age-Specific Books and Activities:

Where to find Free and Low-Cost Books

Audiobooks for Every Age

List of Sight Words by Grade


Age-Specific Books and Activities:

Books and Activities: for Babies

Books and Activities: for Toddlers

Books and Activities: for Preschoolers

Popular Books: for Kindergarten through 2nd Graders

Popular Books: for 2nd and 3rd Graders

Books by Reading Level


Find Reading Events Near You

Words at Play Vocabulary Initiative