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GreatPhillySchools ECE: Quality Providers

We know quality is important for parents searching for early childhood programs, so GreatPhillySchools has set out to make identifying a quality provider as easy as possible. All providers with a full profile on the GreatPhillySchools Early Childhood site must meet at least one of the following requirements in order to be featured:

  • Have a Keystone STAR 3 or 4 quality rating
  • Be accredited by NAEYC, NAFCC, PAIS, or Middle States
  • Operate an Early Head Start, Head Start, Bright Futures, or Pre-K Counts     program
  • Operate a Pre-K program that is approved by the Mayor's Office of Education as a PHLpreK provider. Learn more about PHLpreK


      To learn more about these programs and accreditations, click here.


A provider's accredidations are listed on the left side of each profile, and are sometimes displayed through icons appearing on a provider's listing. Providers which do not meet the above crtieria are identified as not meeting the GreatPhillySchools quality bar on their listing. 


We encourage parents to compare and contrast high quality providers near their home and work using the search features on GreatPhillySchools Early Childhood site. To learn more about choosing a quality program, click here


If you are a provider who meets the above requirements but do not currently have a profile, email us.