About Us

We believe every child in Philadelphia should have access to a great education. Our mission is to make information accessible so parents and guardians can find, compare, and demand great early childhood options.


About GreatPhillySchools

GreatPhillySchools is presented through the collaboration of several nonprofit partners, led by the Philadelphia School Partnership.


Since its launch in October 2012, GreatPhillySchools has provided over 100,000 Philadelphia parents with information on K-12 school options through our print guides, website, and sponsoring the annual Philly High School Fair. As we connected with parents, we kept hearing how important it is to find a high quality child care or preschool program.  In response, we worked with many great partners to develop GreatPhillySchools: Early Childhood Education.

Like GreatPhillySchools K-12, it is free to use for both parents and providers. You'll find lots of information already here: including descriptions, services, and enrollment facts for hundreds of high quality programs serving children ages 0-5. You will also find resources with useful tips and information like how to secure financial aid, descriptions of different program types, and what quality looks like. But the site is not now, nor will it ever be, complete. We will be working to improve it continuously. As more recent data becomes available from providers, accreditation agencies, and the state, we will update the information. We will keep adding more reference materials as it becomes available. All of this will be guided by you, based on your feedback and suggestions.


In developing the site, we tried to base every decision on what parents want or need to know. Because we know quality is important, we set our bar high. In our database, we've highlighted high quality programs with an educational component. Policy makers and providers use all kinds of data in the course of managing centers and systems. While much of this data is available to the public, it is often presented in ways that are not user-friendly. Here, we have taken the same data that is used by policy makers and simplified its presentation so that users can more easily sort and compare providers. Still, users should avoid making snap judgments based on a provider's profile.


Keep in mind that every child has different learning needs, and there is no one universal program best for all. There are many ways to search by factors most important to you, and we have some great tips available on how to best use the site. Ultimately, these profiles are meant to help you find a quality program, but the next step is to contact the provider directly and schedule a visit.


Without question, Philadelphia needs more great early childhood options. But it has many, and some of these are not enrolled to capacity. We hope GreatPhillySchools will become a helpful tool for your family in finding the best early childhood education choice for you.



GreatPhillySchools is not affiliated with GreatSchools, Inc. GREATSCHOOLS is a registered trademark of GreatSchools, Inc.